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Bosanske PiramideFinding the Truth - Dokumentarni Film

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Bosnian Pyramids Press


"Said Sefo’s 2011 documentary tracks an investigation that could rewrite ancient world history and Bosnia’s present" (source: Vienna Review)


Washington D.C.

"So far the best and most objective documentary about the mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids, it covers all the aspects and let you draw your own conclusion. Highly recommend if you're interested in the subject!" (source:

"Almost one hour answered Sefo the questions after the screening to the Audience. We repeat the words from writer and former chaplain of US congress, Chuck Whright: „Thanks to Mr. Sefo for convincing as that in Bosnia the hope still exists and for showing as the ancient civilizations that existed over there. This can give the strength to people there to build the better future than their presence is, they deserve it." (source: 



"I watched the documentary very interested and with increasing fascination. The Bosnian Deniken is probably not the best ambassador of maybe the next archaeological miracle, but he is a fascinating character, which in ambivalent manner bonds the viewers. It is Courageous from Said Sefo to show him so prominent and in all facets, in cinematic and narrative way a successful experiment. Even so courageous is to let the critical North German and US Scientists to give extensive statements. Despite the conflict in the ende stands the clear and credible conclusion. 93 minutes which made me stunning." (source:



"The Movie is excellent, the documentary which is easier to watch and enjoy than many Thrillers and so called movies of A production. Warm recommendation to the normal and not embittered people, to watch the movie and get their own judgment and at same time to educate oneself by learning a lot about the country, Butmir civilization, Neolithic and history of Bosnia"  (source:


Screenigs in Dortmund, Germany & Leibach, Slowenia

With new screenings in Germany and Slowenia the docrmentary "The Pyramid - Finding the Truth" continues to promote rich historical and cultural heritage of Bosnia and Hercegowina. TNT-Club Dortmund and Slowenian cultural society EXPONTO B-51, Rajvosa are the promoter on March 1th in Dortmund and March 15th in Leibach. (source: fena)


A Step to the official confirmation?

Bosnia Pyramids changing the geopoltical World view? Existing ancient civilization presented in this documentary clearly proves connection to the pyramids and raises serious questions. (source: